OES Environmental (Annex IV) & ORJIP OE Workshop- Risk Retirement

OES-Environmental (formerly Annex IV) and ORJIP invite you to join a workshop on Thursday 5th September 14:30 to 17:30 CEST on retiring risks of effects on marine animals from electromagnetic fields (EMF) and underwater noise from marine energy devices.

The workshop will be held in Naples, Italy, at the Centro Congressi della Stazione Marittima di Napoli, following EWTEC. The purpose of the workshop is to examine pathways for determining data needs, monitoring requirements, and possible mitigation measures for working towards retiring risks of EMF and underwater noise for consenting small installations of tidal turbines and wave energy converters.

The output of the workshop will contribute to the 2020 OES-Environmental State of the Science report, and to ORJIP position papers on requirements for consenting tidal and wave devices.

You can register for the workshop by responding to this email (ORJIP@Aquatera.co.uk) by Friday 19th July. Once you are registered, you will receive materials at least two weeks prior to the workshop.

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