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Work Programme

The Work Programme carried out by the Contracting Parties within the framework of OES may consist of research, development, demonstration, analysis and information exchange related to ocean energy systems.

The collaborative research carried out by the OES is structured in Tasks or projects. Within the exception of Task I (Dissemination & Communication), which is mandatory, participation is voluntary and it is by both cost-sharing and task-sharing.  

The Tasks, with typical durations of 2 to 3 years may have specific budget, managed by an Operating Agent (OA), to which only participants in the Task contribute.

The OES also develop shorter projects usually financed by the Agreement Common Fund. 

Whenever two or more Contracting Parties agree to develop  a new project, they submit to the Executive Committee  a draft text containing a desciption of the scope of work and conditions of the Task proposed to be performed.