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2nd European Energy Conference

16 - 19 Apr  2012
Maastricht, Netherlands

The European Forum for Energy Research

The second European Energy Conference will take place at a time for strategic decisions. Energy is vital to our society and economy. The future European energy system has to be sustainable in terms of environmental and climate impact and also in terms of supply, industrial viability and societal acceptance. A resolution of this dilemma is imperative. Changes will, by necessity, happen on many different time scales from ongoing actions, to beyond 100 years. The challenges encompass many levels of complexity, from natural science research and engineering to social sciences, systems solution and actions and agreements at the global political level. This question of global future energy supply has to be addressed with objectivity and competence, without ideological bias. The European scientific community has the potential to optimise the necessary interdisciplinary cooperation and communication in energy research, development and the support to industrial innovation.

This biennial European Energy Conference series, launched in 2010, promotes, consolidates and communicates the vitally necessary synergy of scientific and technical competence with knowledge on environmental and social implications. The conference will provide participants with a view and a vision on how the future of energy in Europe could look like. It will be the forum to define the role of energy science and research in the transformation process towards the future sustainable European energy system.

The OES is organised under the auspices of the International Energy Agency (IEA) but is functionally and legally autonomous. Views, findings and
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