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8th PRIMaRE Conference

29.Jun - 30 May  2021

A conference covering a wide range of topics on Marine Renewable Energy

The conference includes universities, industry and research centres active in all aspects of marine renewable energy with presentations ranging from industrial developers, university researchers, marine environmentalists and policy makers. The aim of the event is to cover a wide range of topics in marine renewable energy, including:
technology, policy, environment, hydrodynamics, resource characterisation, materials, operation and management, etc.
The 8th PRIMaRE conference will provide a platform for both industrial and university speakers to present their up to date activities and on-going research programmes through posters. Alongside research presentations, there will be panel discussions and presentations on industry develops in the UK.
Conference Themes within Marine Renewable Energy:
  • Materials
  • Fluid Dynamics and Hydrodynamics
  • Survivability and Reliability
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Resource
  • Power Conversion and Control
  • Infrastructure and Grid Connection
  • Marine Operations and Safety
  • Marine Planning and Governance
The event will be online and free to attend, however you must register to ensure a place by 29th May 2021, through here.
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