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06 - 08 Apr  2016
Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

Eleventh International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies 06-08 April 2016, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco

Eleventh International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable EnergiesEVER2016, April 6th- 8th, 2016, Grimaldi Forum, Monaco


The 11th International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies
(EVER) hosted by the Principality of Monaco is organising a Special Session on:


Offshore and Marine Renewable Energy:
Conversion and Transmission


This is the third year that a special session is being organised in EVER to
specifically focus on marine and offshore renewable energy developments and
challenges. The objective of this special session is to provide a forum for the
presentation of relevant information and views on technology and regulatory issues
to enhance the exploitation of offshore renewable energy resources.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Innovative concepts, component and topologies for energy
conversion from offshore natural resources such as wind, waves, tides, thermal
difference and salinity gradient, with a special interest in hybrid solutions.
* Advanced control strategies for increased power extraction
and/or improvement in power quality.
* Grid code compliance.
* Reliability, diagnostic and aging in offshore renewable energy
* Design and sizing of systems or components.
* Farm layouts and AC or DC transmission schemes for offshore
renewable energy farms.
* Energy storage solutions for offshore energy applications.
* Modeling of marine resources.
* Real case studies and contributions on the state of advancement
of on-going projects.
* Life cycle analysis (economical and/or environmental).
* Social acceptance and maritime governance.

Further information on submission and paper publication are given in the attached
Call for Papers.


Important Dates:

September 25th, 2015        Abstract submission

October 30th, 2015              Provisional acceptance

December 11th, 2015         Full paper submission

January 1st, 2016                Final acceptance

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