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SIEMAR - 1st International Seminar in Marine Energies

26 - 27 Nov  2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina

1st International Seminar in Marine Energies in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Free admission.

On behalf of the Secretaría de Relaciones Internacionales del Rectorado de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and in cooperation with the Unidad Académica Mar del Plata, the organization of the “1st International Seminar in Marine Energies" will take place on 26th and 27th November 2014, in Mar del Plata city, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are aware that our oceans are an inexhaustible energy supply that must be considered with care. There is no doubt about the need for renewable realistic energy generation, not only for the International commitment to decrease greenhouse gases emission, but to reduce the highly dependence of our country (Argentina) for foreign energy supply. Thus, the current scene requires national technological development to attend different prototype typologies, experimental programs and infrastructure networks linked to Energy Harnessing in our sea

The goal is to gather participants and well-known International specialist in energy industry (regionally and worldwide), who would share information about Technological improvements and experimental results.

The objetives are:
• To teach in a systematic and understandable way the principles of marine renewable energy in South America
• To create a network of regional and International expertise in the marine renewable energy field
• Plan actions to take in order to promote marine renewable energies in the region.

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