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Performance Evaluation of a Floating Power System for the Galway Bay Wave Energy Test Site

Date: September 18, 2018 at 15:11 GMT

[This poster won 2nd prize at the 2014 ICOE Poster Award]

Numerical modeling and scaled physical modeling of the Galway Bay Wave Energy test site were the main outcomes of the research. Proposed infrastructure for the site includes a floating power system to act as a power and data acquisition platform as well as a local grid connection.

The modeling done for this research included this floating power system as well as a generic oscillation water column type wave energy converter. Numerical analysis was performed using Ansys Aqwa, and physical modeling testing was performed at 1:25 scale at the National Ocean Energy Test Facility at University College Cork, Ireland. Results of the research include characterizing the expected response of the full scale bodies as well as informing future testing to be done at 1:10 scale. This work will ultimately influence the final implementation of the Galway Bay Wave Energy test site.

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