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Concepts of an Economic Usage of Tidal Power

Date: October 15, 2013 at 18:40 GMT

Recently, experimental underwater power plants for the exploitation of tidal currencies have been launched. Their operating principles are mostly based on the adoption of wind power plants which are meant to function underwater. On the other hand, these plants can only use one direction of the tidal current until now` and require a high level of maintenance due to the technically costly construction. Last but not least, they necessitate a high investment of about 5 millions € for an output of 300 kilowatt hours.

This allows an economic power generation only in connection with a windfall of subsidies.

The problems of most tidal power plants are their high production cost and their interference with scenery, shipping, and sea live. 

The new solution for these problems is Atlantisstrom

In contrast to the above, the concept of a tidal power plant, which will be presented in the following, represents a completely new development, a genuine innovation. The comparably simple construction enables energy exploitation like plant which functions on the basis of the propeller principle and comprises far less costs for production and installation. At the same time, the plant is virtually maintenance-free due to its construction, at a life of about 20 years. 

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