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Tidal Stream Park Efficiency Optimisation based on a Full Lunar Cycle 3D hydrodynamic Flow Simulation

Date: November 01, 2013 at 11:22 GMT

The exploration of non-traditional energy sources requires innovative technology and adapted project evaluation concepts. In the present paper, the main aspects required for the feasibility assessment of a large-scale tidal stream project are outlined at the example of the Wando scheme in Korea. The study comprises the analysis of the prevailing tidal regime, its accurate threedimensional representation in a numerical flow model as well as the determination of the power output by the in-stream turbines and the energy yield. The described multi-layer hydrodynamic model is driven by electronic chart tidal elevation data and calibrated with oceanographic measurements. The processing of the calculated high-resolution velocity data at the rotor swept area allows the determination of unit-related power output graphs. In order to gain a comprehensive picture of the total park energy capability, the simulation is performed over full lunar cycle of 29.5 days at a time resolution of 5 minutes. The subsequent application of the simulation results leads to individual performance characteristics of each 1MW-turbine-generating-unit and finally of the complete scheme. Through the stepwise increase of the targeted capacity factor per device the insight of a systematic deployment process can be understood and the park performance iteratively increased. During the study phase several arrangements with numbers of 598, 300 and 100 turbine units were assessed. Above methods combined with an optimum ratio of generator rating and rotor diameter enable capacity factors of up to 30% for this large-scale tidal scheme. 

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