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Automatic System for Underwater Ocean Current Turbines. Application to GESMEY

Date: October 09, 2013 at 16:18 GMT

Abstract: Ocean Current Turbines for extracting energy from Oceans can improve their performance by appropriate design and automatic control systems that minimize human intervention and therefore, economical costs.

This article presents an overview of the automatic control system for GESMEY, a new underwater turbine which can be used in deep water, anchoring it with ropes, and allowing the output to the surface for maintenance tasks. The proposed automatic system is responsible for the good performance of the whole turbine. The emersion, immersion, and power generation procedures are carried out in a completely automated mode. Details of the dynamic electromechanical system are given and an inputstate linearization system based controller is used to control the extraction of energy without any kind of pitch control, which is usually used in wind turbines. 

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