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Energy Storage System Sizing for Smoothing Power Generation of direct Wave Energy Converters

Date: October 15, 2013 at 16:16 GMT

Abstract: This paper examines the sizing energy storage system (ESS) for
energy converter as the SEAREV. The ESS is to insure a smoothed output power profile.

First, the output set point power is considered constant and equal to the average during a sea state representative time (hours). Two others causal method of smoothing will be studied in a second part. We introduce two state of charge (SOC) control strategies in order to maintain SOC between two limits and also two power quality criteria in order to quantify difference of the real output grid power with respect to the desired set point. The life cycle cost of the ESS is analyzed according energy rating in case of supercapacitor technology. 

The life expectancy is also studied in order to determine a possible replacement of the ESS its life. 

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