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Experimental and Computational Modelling of the OWEL Wave Energy Converter

Date: October 14, 2013 at 17:02 GMT

Abstract: This paper presents the findings of the experimental testing and computational modelling of a novel, ducted wave energy converter known as OWEL.

Extensive wave basin testing was conducted with a floating, multi duct model at around 1:100 scale. Measurements of performance, motions, structural and mooring loads were taken in order to inform the design of a future device demonstrator.

A simplified device configuration was computationally modelled using ANSYS CFX. This comprised a single, stationary duct and was run with various monochromatic waves relating to those tested in the wave basin study. The model was validated using the results from the experimental testing. Simulations were used to predict the full scale output of a multi-megawatt OWEL device.

The results from this phase of the development of OWEL demonstrate the potential of the device and are being used to design a benign test site demonstrator that is hoped to be deployed within the next few years. 

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