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Hybrid Modeling for Optimal Control of a Linear Switched Reluctance Generator Used in a Direct Drive Wave Energy Converter

Date: October 11, 2013 at 11:59 GMT

Abstract: In this paper a linear switched reluctance generator used in a direct drive wave energy converter is considered for modeling and model-based optimal control.

Linear switched reluctance generators (LSRGs) are highly nonlinear electromechanical converters which must be adequately controlled in order to achieve a satisfactory energy conversion efficiency. In order to pave the way for a systematic design of a control strategy that directly addresses the wave energy converter efficiency maximization and respects system constraints, the discrete-time piecewise affine (DTPWA) hybrid model form is proposed to model the considered LSRG in the configuration with a power converter.

The procedure of obtaining a hybrid DTPWA model itself is also pursued in a systematic way, by employing clustering-based piecewise affine fitting of nonlinear characteristics of the considered LSRG, which are in turn computed from the generator geometry using finite element analysis methods. The hybrid DTPWA model isv alidated on the starting nonlinear LSRG model.

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