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Industry Navigates Ocean Energy’s Potential

Date: October 07, 2013 at 21:17 GMT

Abstract: The ocean industry is gaining greater attention from governments and from European utilities as a scaleable renewable technology with significant potential to help meet renewable requirements over the next decade. However, wave and tidal technologies are still in their infancy and require financial, technical and policy support to advance out on the learning curve.

IHS Emerging Energy Research proposes to present our analysis of utilities’ evolving renewable strategies, and where ocean energy fits in within their global renewable power ambitions. Our presentation will provide an overview of utilities’ involvement in the industry, technology trends, as well as the challenges, opportunities and the implications for industry scaling. We will identify those utilities at the forefront of advancing ocean energy projects, the expectations for the pace of industry growth, and implications for the burgeoning wave and tidal technology supply chain. In addition, we will provide a detailed analysis of the regulatory framework and the impact these initiatives will have on the ocean energy industry.Our analysis will draw upon our coverage of the ocean energy industry over the last several years. 

IHS Emerging Energy Research is a leading advisory and consulting firm tracking emerging technologies in global energy markets. 


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