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Innovative elastomeric components applicable to current and future ocean energy developments

Date: October 07, 2013 at 22:41 GMT

Abstract: Since 1989, TECHLAM is widely involved in advanced technologies, and particularly related to maritime activities. 

The company is world known for the R&D, engineering, manufacturing and installation
assistance of assemblies using laminated elastomeric components technology.

TECHLAM fully develops and manufactures unique applications for Nuclear Submarines, such as hydroplanes/steering bearings and many other articulation components. They may absorb heavy loads with large angular deflections and have many advantages: maintenance free, acoustic discretion, life span.

Since 2000, TECHLAM is a key supplier for critical deep offshore applications:

  • Flexible connectors used for easy installation, tension load transmission, motions accommodation, bending stress reduction during entire life of tendons, bottom and top connectors etc.
  • Installation assistance devices used during topsides offshore assembly (Leg Mating Units) or as deck supports (Deck Support Unit).
  • Shock absorbers: telescopic fenders, shock pads, compression and shear fenders, sway fenders etc.

TECHLAM is now ready to adapt such solutions for any ocean energy development applications:

  • Articulations: elastomeric components do not require any maintenance or lubrication system
  • Top or sea-bed connectors when required between large floating structures and anchoring devices
  • Installation assistance components for heavy offshore structures assembly such as offshore wind power plant … 


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