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Inter-device spacing issues within wave and tidal energy converter arrays

Date: October 08, 2013 at 22:29 GMT

Abstract: Inter-device spacing within wave and tidal arrays will affect many aspects of array performance including power production, installation, maintenance and the effect upon the wider flow field. It follows that inter-device spacing within an array will vary based upon a number of factor including (but not limited to) characteristics of the incoming resource, water depth, device type and installation/maintenance methods.

Therefore it is clear that the issues surrounding interaction effects within arrays are complex with a high degree of linkage between certain aspects of design. Despite the low level of understanding of many issues surrounding wave and tidal energy arrays there are a number of areas where guidance can be given to developers in order to assist in array design.

One such area is the classification of arrays by size and complexity. Other more generic advice can be given to advise upon potential interaction effects whilst guiding early array design to encompass knowledge gathering to inform subsequent arrays that are greater in size and complexity. 

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