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Marine Board-ESF Vision Document 2 “Marine Renewable Energy - Research Challenges and Opportunities for a new Energy Era in Europe”

Date: October 07, 2013 at 21:35 GMT

Abstract: In 2010 the authors defined a visionary statement on Marine Renewable Energy’s contribution to a new energy era in Europe:

“By 2050 Europe could source up to 50% of its electricity needs from Marine Renewable Energy. This will have a profound impact on the European economy and European citizens. It will contribute to energy supply and security, reduce CO2 emissions, improve the state of the environment, improve quality of life, provide incentives for a range of new innovative jobs and herald a new era of environmentally sustainable development.”

This Vision is achievable and the rewards can be considerable. It will rely on political commitment, public support, establishment of a European offshore energy grid and a supportive fiscal and planning egime. And critically it will also require sustained research both to feed in innovation and demonstration, and to develop appropriate environmental monitoring protocols.

The sustainable and successful development of Marine Renewable Energy will rely on coordinated action from research, industry and policy partners, and the coming decade (2010-2020) will be crucial in that process. While taking into account the industry and policy context, the authors’ primary objectives were to:

  • Highlight the potential of Marine Renewable Energy for Europe and identify the challenges and opportunities this represents;
  • Identify the research needs to realise this potential;
  • Secure Marine Renewable Energy on the European marine research agenda. 

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