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ORECCA - a European Coordination Action on Offshore Renewable Energy Conversion Platforms

Date: October 07, 2013 at 23:28 GMT

Abstract: ORECCA is a Coordination and Support Activity type project which started in March 2010 funded under the FP7 by the EC DG Research. With a duration of only 18 month it brings together 28 partners from Europe, the US and Canada. The objectives of the project are to create a framework for knowledge sharing and to develop a research and technology roadmap for activities in the context of offshore renewable energy (RE). In particular, the project will stimulate collaboration in research activities leading towards innovative, cost efficient and environmentally benign offshore RE conversion platforms for wind, wave and other ocean energy resources, including their combined use.

ORECCA will overcome the knowledge fragmentation existing in Europe and stimulate the key experts to provide useful inputs to industries, research organizations and policy makers on the necessary next steps to foster the development of the ocean energy sector in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 


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