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Paimpol-Bréhat: Development of the First Tidal Current Array in France

Date: October 07, 2013 at 21:53 GMT

Abstract: In order to launch the development of tidal current energy in French waters, EDF has decided to develop a pilot farm of TCEC (Tidal Current Energy Converters) by 2012. The main purpose of this project is to set up an overall framework for the implementation and operation of such marine renewable energy production site.

EDF decided in 2008 to develop the site of Paimpol-Bréhat in North Brittany and selected OpenHydroGroup Ltd., an Irish energy company as the technology partner for implementation of the tidal array.

The Paimpol-Bréhat project consists of a configuration of 4 machines with 0,5 MW capacity per unit for 2,5 m.s-1 (0,85 MW peak capacity per unit), an offshore subsea converter, a 15km 10kV DC transmission line for grid connection and an on shore substation.

The major specificity of the project is its environmentally friendly characteristics. The paper presents the Paimpol-Bréhat project development focusing on the site and technology selection, the consent, the field investigation and surveys, the technical studies (including R&D developments and environmental impact assessment) and the administrative authorization process.

The design is described and in particular the technical options selected are explained taking into account environmental context, consent by stakeholders, technical and administrative context. 

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