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Planning and optimising the construction and O&M strategy of tidal stream turbine arrays

Date: October 15, 2013 at 17:19 GMT

Abstract: The offshore operational costs of installing and maintaining tidal stream turbine arrays are considerable and are of great importance to the viability of the industry. Garrad Hassan (GH) has built on industry standard tools for the offshore wind industry to create two tools. The O2C tool has been developed for the analysis of environmental delays and the optimisation of a construction sequence. The O2M tool is used to optimise an operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy.

This paper is split into two sections, describing the different tools and a case study that was performed for each, with results, discussion and conclusion in each section.

The O2C model breaks the construction down into discrete operations that are simulated against an environmental time series to obtain duration distributions of individual operations. A Monte Carlo analysis is used to obtain project durations from the operation duration distributions.

The O2M model balances the cost of lost production due to turbine downtime and the cost of the resources for a maintenance strategy, to find an optimum strategy. It is used here to find the optimum number of crews and spare nacelles for a device with a removable and replaceable turbine. 

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