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Wave Energy Atlas in Vietnam

Date: October 14, 2013 at 14:57 GMT

Abstract: Vietnam has achieved remarkable economic progress during the last decade. With the rapid growth of economy, the demand on energy consumption in production and life are also increasing so the energy is facing with some problems, especially the limitation of energy consumption capacity, energy resources etc. While Vietnam is richly endowed with renewable energy resources, which can be used to meet the local energy needs, to solve the energy problems.

One of the renewable energy alternative sources is wave energy. In order to study the wave energy, the first most important step is to establish the wave energy atlas to quantify the potential of wave energy at a regional scale across the limit of the South East
China sea and coastal zone of Vietnam.

The paper consists of three parts, at first data sources of the wind and wave information have been determined and then the second part is dealing with the wave energy computations. A wave energy atlas has been presented in the last part. The atlas is designed to provide a useful reference to assist decision maker in planning, choosing the wave energy conversion system of exploitation of wave energy in Vietnam. 

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