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Design of a Direct Drive Wave Energy Conversion System for the Seaquest Concept

Date: November 05, 2013 at 13:01 GMT

In this work the investigation and design of a Direct Drive Wave Energy Conversion System for the Seaquest Concept is presented. It involves all the steps of the project, from the marine environment analysis to the problems linked to the connection to the grid. It passes through an hydrodynamic study allowing to the choice of the best floating buoy shape based on the maximum energy extraction by the system, then the sizing procedure of an innovative arc-shaped electrical generator, in which the flux-switching principle has been chosen (for the first time for a low-speed – high-torque application), thanks to its high torque density, then through its analysis, optimization and performance verification by FEA, and finally the study of the most suitable control strategies. A particular attention has been given to all the specificities this new particular generator presents: non-constant rotational speed, reciprocating motion, border effects. This arc-shaped generator has then been compared to a traditional rotating machine directly coupled with the shaft and moved by the pendulum. At every stage of the project, the fundamental goal of a totally sustainable and eco-friendly whole system has been taken into account. 

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