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Introduction of Wavestar Wave Energy Converters at the Danish offshore wind power plant Horns Rev 2

Date: November 05, 2013 at 16:39 GMT

Wavestar, DONG Energy, Aalborg University and are working together to evaluate in practice the idea of combining the energy production from wind and wave technologies. For that purpose, Wavestar is planning the installation of a 600kW Wavestar Wave Energy Converter (WEC) which is to be connected to a wind turbine at the DONG Energy owned wind power plant Horns Rev 2 placed off the western coast of Denmark. The plant delivers its energy production to a transformer station owned by has the obligation to ensure that power is transmitted to the Danish consumers. If Executed the project will be the first one in the world where wind and wave power are combined at full scale. 

The goal of the project is to evaluate the opportunities of combining wind and wave energy production on a commercial scale and to demonstrate the reduction of energy fluctuations with this combination. This can increase the value of the produced power from future wind/wave plants. Further potential synergies of combining wind and wave energy in the same area include increased energy production from the available area and
sharing of infrastructure costs as well as O&M facilities. 

In a future phase, the possibility of installing additional Wavestar WECs on the site will be
investigated. Up to five Wavestar WECs can potentially be installed between each turbine. 

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