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Keeping the European marine energy development facilities at world top level

Date: November 05, 2013 at 15:55 GMT

The MaRINET project aims to build a synergy in the European marine renewable energy development infrastructure network, involving a total of 28 partners across the union. Its scope extends from small to large scale testing, in both tank and field. The main activities of the project are to standardize test procedures, to provide centralized free access for European technology developers, and to innovate for improving test infrastructures and techniques.
This paper presents the work carried in this last part, which focuses on research objectives identified to be current challenges for industrial development. They are distributed in 6 topics. On the one hand are issues that concern directly one of the 3 types of energy scoped in the project: wave, tidal, and offshore wind energy. Two examples are the real time estimation of incident waves, and the measurement of turbulence in tidal flows. On the other hand, collaborative effort is drawn on aspects that are common to those technologies: electrical components, environmental monitoring, and dedicated moorings. 

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