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Marking Offshore Wave & Tidal Energy Extraction Sites

Date: November 05, 2013 at 11:50 GMT

The purpose of this presentation is to inform and familiarise developers of the navigational hazards for marine traffic and the standard response to such hazards when establishing and operating wave or tidal energy converting devices at sea.
A brief explanation is given on the relevant authorities that guide and regulate Aids to Navigation systems.
Developers will be informed of the necessity and commercial importance of safe navigation and protection of life and property at sea by identifying;
? The hazards to the Mariner and to the devices in the site.
? Methods of ensuring the Mariner is aware of the existence of the sites and the dangers they pose.
? Different types of AtoN and what they mean to the Mariner.
? Ancillary aids such as Automatic Identification Systems and RACONs.
? How the extraction field and the extraction devices themselves should be marked.
? Buoy mooring arrangements.
? Ship board navigation systems.
? Different categories for availability requirements and the importance of response capability, maintenance and record keeping. 

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