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Progress toward the Worldwide Deployment of the CETO® Wave Energy Technology

Date: November 05, 2013 at 15:23 GMT

In 2011 Carnegie Wave Energy successfully deployed and tested a single commercial-scale autonomous CETO unit off Garden Island near Perth, Western Australia.. The 7m diameter unit had a rated capacity of 80kW. Following this test, EDF Energies Nouvelles and DCNS are now deploying an autonomous 180kW CETO unit with the support of $5m of French Government funding. The rollout of the CETO technology is now poised to proceed to a grid-connected, multi-unit array project at the Garden Island site in Western Australia with the electricity to be purchased by the Australian Department of Defence. The project is supported by $15.5m in grants from the Australian and Western Australia governments. Carnegie is also advancing a pipeline of project sites including in Irish waters off County Clare and off the coast of Bermuda. 

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