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SEAGRID: A New Dynamic Modelling Tool for Power System Analysis of Ocean Energy Devices

Date: November 05, 2013 at 17:38 GMT

As the ocean energy industry approaches commercial readiness, there will be a greater focus on integration of ocean energy devices (OEDs) into the electrical power system network. Device developers will be required to provide dynamic models of their device for grid connection, and ensure their device operates within the limits laid out in the grid code. Project developers will need to assess the impact of different wavefarm configurations, ratings for the electrical equipment, power losses, and performance during a fault. Grid operators will require dynamic models to investigate the impact an OED will have on the grid and also for future grid planning studies.
The SEAGRID dynamic modelling tool attempts to address each of these issues using its generic modelling approach. The SEAGRID model is capable of producing a scalable time domain power system dynamic model using empirical test data and component specifications, bypassing the need for a full hydrodynamic study of the device. 

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