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Testing of a full-scale PTO based on a Switched Reluctance Linear Generator for Wave Energy Conversion

Date: November 05, 2013 at 16:13 GMT

The paper presents a Switched Reluctance Linear Electric Generator developed and built to work as a direct drive PTO in a full scale wave energy converter.
The nominal characteristics of the electric generator, obtained in laboratory with dry tests, are 160 kN of nominal force and 1 m/s of nominal velocity, in good agreement with the design values.
The proposed lab test schema does not use any hydraulic or pneumatic actuator but split the coils of the SRLG into two parts (two sub-machines, one acting as a motor and the other as generator), controlling them by means of two power electronic converters. Both static and dynamic tests (the latter, being representative of sea conditions) can be performed using the aforementioned test schema.
Different strategies have been considered and implemented in the control system in order to assess their suitability and to achieve a better characterization of the machine’s behavior. After the promising results obtained in the dry tests, Wedge Global Research and Development resources are now involved in a project focused in testing the linear generator’s performance and reliability in real sea conditions. 

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