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Wave energy map in intermediate and shallow water depth in Chile based on a 30 year long validated 2D spectral hindcast of the Pacific Ocean

Date: November 05, 2013 at 11:52 GMT

Wave energy maps in deep waters have been developed by several researchers, based on hindcasts from numerical models or measurements, mainly from satellites. Although these provide useful information, they are not useful for proper site selection, since they do not consider the wave transformations from offshore to shallower waters, where converters are designed to be installed. A wave energy map in intermediate and shallow water depth is developed by using linear spectral transfer of long term average 2D spectra from a 30 year long hindcast of the entire Pacific Ocean, which was properly validated against 30 measurements in intermediate and shallow waters and 22 offshore. The technique reduced effectively the computational time and effort, being applied in the central Chilean coastline between Taltal and Chiloé with 2200 km approximately. Several maps were created, accounting for yearly, seasonal and monthly variations and permitted a properly informed site selection. 

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