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A New Latching Control Technology for Improving Wave Energy Conversion

Date: February 26, 2015 at 11:04 GMT

In improving wave energy conversion, control and optimisation technologies have been developed. In the developed control technologies, latching control is a very effective control technology because it can significantly improve wave energy conversion. In implementing latching control technologies, one technical barrier is the determination of the latching duration or the delatching moment, one of the two critical technical and engineering barriers for implementing latching control technology. Almost all the developed latching control technologies have required the detailed future information so that the control can align up the velocity and the excitation for a phase control. To remove this difficult requirement, a new latching technology has been developed recently, in which the latching duration can be easily decided based on the wave period, and for justifying the proposed technology, a new method called as 'time-out' has also been proposed. This presentation summarises the development and gives some examples for applications of the new technology in real sea states. From the examples, it can be seen that the new technology can very much improvement of the wave energy production from sea waves.   

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