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ANTEIA WAVE BUOY: Integrated solution to meet market needs

Date: July 09, 2018 at 16:19 GMT

Utilization of ocean energy resources can contribute to the world’s future sustainable energy supply and to reduce carbon emissions, whilst minimizing impacts on marine environments.
Although it has now taken the first generation of renewable energy technologies to competitive levels, Europe still needs to diversify its electricity supply further if it is to meet its 2050 policy objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80 – 95 % below 1990 levels.
In this context, meteoceanic data must be taken into account during all the phases of marine renewable energy generation. Some data is relevant in order to perform safer operations at sea, there are other parameters that can optimize the power generation and it is also a key question in the study of the survivability of the devices that will led to improved investors confidence.
In order to meet market needs, Zunibal has developed an innovative wave measurement system that can provide the decision-maker with accurate information to bring down the uncertainties and improve the efficiency of the marine renewable energy devices. With this system, both developers and farm operators could have real time information on the environmental characteristics in order to optimize marine operations (during establishment, implementation and maintenance stages) and energy capture.
Some of the advantages that ANTEIA Wave Buoy offers are low weight (26 kg) and diameter (0.6 m), that gives advantage during deployment, maintenance and recovery phases, battery rechargeable by solar panels, that allows more life time and its tried-and-tested reliability with more than one year at sea in BiMEP test area.

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