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Numerical Investigation of bore hole filling volume by drilling residuals in Alderney Race

Date: July 09, 2018 at 12:26 GMT

We performed a coupling between a coastal circulation model and a discrete element model to study the parameters controlling the bore hole filling volume by drilling residuals. The study area is focused on a small region of Alderney Race, where the tidal turbines may be installed. Drilling residuals are modeled by spherical particles. The coupled model is firstly described and validated using an idealized disposition of residuals on a flat and realistic seabed. The model is then applied to monopile technology. Simulation were carried out for different disposition of residuals and initial current direction and intensity. We show that the distance between the bore hole and the residuals is the key parameter controlling the filling. The increase of this distance leads to reduce the filling volume. In addition, the flow direction and the seabed morphology play a negligible role while the distance between bore hole and residuals remains smaller than twenty meters.

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