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The DiMe project : improving extreme sea states and wave breaking characterization for the design of MRE systems

Date: July 10, 2018 at 16:03 GMT

This paper provides an overview of DiMe status, a France Energies Marines' project, aiming at providing relevant information regarding wave breaking properties and statistics of extreme sea states for the design of MRE converters. DiMe involves observational efforts to better predict and describe the statistics of occurrence of storm breaking waves evolving in coastal areas where most of the MRE technologies will be deployed. In this context a innovative field experiment made from the La Jument lighthouse is described and preliminary results are shown. The wave breaking observations are intended to help improving the design of MRE systems and new wave breaking statistics parameterizations will be implemented in the wave models run to forecast and hindcast waves at MRE sites. A preliminary study performed in the frame of DiMe further shows that breaking waves should be explicitly considered during the design of offshore wind turbine and is briefly recalled here.

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