Wave Energy Technology Roadmap - Denmark (2015)

Author(s) K. Nielsen, J. Krogh, H. J. Brodersen, P. R. Steenstrup, H. Pilgaard, L. Marquis, E. Friis-Madsen, J. P. Kofoed
Year 2015
Type National Roadmaps


This Wave Energy Technology Roadmap is developed by the Partnership for Wave Power including nine Danish wave energy developers. It builds on to the strategy published by the Partnership in 2012, a document that describes the long term vision of the Danish Wave Energy sector:

“By 2030 at the latest, wave energy technologies must provide a costeffective and sustainable electricity supply from offshore energy farms in Denmark”.

For this to happen the funding agencies must consider support mechanisms that can attract private investments i.e. by creating artificial markets for small wave energy farms. The research, knowledge and experience emerging from such wave energy farms could become a shared public-private property administrated by the Partnership for Wave Power.

This Roadmap describes the challenges in engineering and cost and provides suggestions how to address these to enable the Danish wave power industry to progress. 

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