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Dynamic Characteristics of Wave and Tidal Energy Converters & a Recommended Structure for Development of a Generic Model for Grid Connection (2010)

Date: October 08, 2014 at 11:47 GMT

A report prepared by HMRC-UCC for OES-IA under ANNEX III - Integration of Ocean Energy Plants into Distribution and Transmission Electrical Grids (OES-IA Document No: T0321 )


In order to connect an electricity generating plant to the electrical grid there are a series of rules and guidelines that must be adhered to. One of these is that the generator owner must provide a dynamic electrical model of their system that is compatible with the network planners and operators software. This model should take into account time series variation of the resources such as wave elevation and tidal flow velocity. The model should be usable in simulations of both normal operation and operation in the presence of grid faults.

These models are a requirement as they are used by the network operator to ensure that any new generation on their system

  • Is stable under normal and faulted conditions
  • Does not affect other users/generators
  • Produces acceptable power quality
  • Does not overload existing protection circuitry and power lines
  • Allows Load Flow analysis to be performed

Currently, the only sustainable energy system models available are of those for wind and hydro. These existing models are highly confidential, proprietary and fully commercial.

The Ocean Energy Industry will require dynamic electrical models in order to procure grid connections and to demonstrate their technology at large scale. They also require knowledge of how their technology interacts with the grid, and what, if any, remedial design work needs to be carried out in order to procure a grid connection. 

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