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Generic and Site-related Wave Energy Data (2010)

Date: October 08, 2014 at 11:47 GMT

This report was prepared to the OES IA under ANNEX II: Guidelines for Development and Testing of Ocean Energy Systems Task 1.1 Generic and Site-related Wave Energy Data.


The first part of Annex II was completed in 2003(1), focussing on tank test facilities and methodologies for testing wave power systems in model scales. In 2007 Annex II was extended to focus on guidelines for open sea testing of wave energy converters.

Task 1.1 of the extended Annex II proposes wave data to be used as reference data for preliminary evaluation and economic assessment of wave energy converters. Locations are chosen in the northern, middle and southern parts of the North-eastern Atlantic Ocean, as well as the fetch-limited North Sea. The offshore data presented will provide an upper estimate of the energy that can be produced in these areas compared to near shore data at specific locations, where directionality needs to be taken into account. However, the chosen data reflect different ocean conditions, which are seen from the presented bi-variate distributions of significant wave height (Hs) and energy period (Te). 

Guidelines for site-specific data that will enable designers to evaluate the dimensions and resources at a specific test site are given. 

Examples of available data relating to selected test sites for testing Wave Power Converters are provided. Each site has different information available, which is presented in different formats.

The study has its main focus and most examples from Europe, but the methodology presented can be applied to any ocean area of the world. 

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