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OES Annual report 2019

Cumulative energy produced from wave and tidal stream energy surged from < 5GWh in 2009 to almost 50 GWh in 2019.

53309-report-logo2.jpgOES chairman Henry Jeffrey from the University of Edinburgh says the new report communicates the sizable global effort to identify commercialisation pathways for ocean energy technologies.
“Our latest report underlines the considerable international support for the marine renewable sector as leading global powers attempt to rebalance energy usage and limit global warming.

Decarbonisation has been appointed as the main strategy to tackle this challenge and many countries around the world have revised or set ambitious targets for emission reductions while ramping up the electricity production from renewable resources. The start of this new decade carries considerable promise for ocean energy. Important projects and deployments are being planned for the coming years as the mission to decarbonise intensifies and governments across the globe show increased interest in ocean energy technologies".

In the annual report you can read about the achievements made in 2019, OES' activities, as well as reports from each member country.

Download the report and/or the press release below.

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