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2022 call for Blue Energy Collaborative Scholarships proposals

Posted 2022-03-03 in News

INORE is pleased to announce the 2022 call for BECS proposals sponsored by IEA Ocean Energy Systems!

Do you have a research project that has the potential to provide collaborative work with other INOREans?

Does your research require use of facilities that are unavailable at your institute, but are available at the institute of a fellow INOREan?

Are you looking for funding to help support the travel costs to enable this project to take place or to present your collaboration with another INOREan in a conference?

Do you need funding to cover for working hours whilst working remotely?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then you could be eligible for an OES-BECS grant!

The BECS grant, up to 1000€, will be put towards travel expenses and accommodation at the research institutes where the collaborative work will take place or be presented (conference).

Given the COVID-19 situation in the world, this year we are also funding remote working collaborations. It is expected that the work will advance formative research in the field of offshore renewable energy and promote collaboration and communication amongst early-career professionals from diverse disciplines, institutions, and nations. In addition to providing an opportunity for international work, the OES-BECS grant seeks to advance the field of offshore renewable energy through publication of research results and journal papers, making the results of the work accessible to a wide audience.

For all information on how to apply, visit:
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