Annex IV Environmental webinar

Marine Renewable Energy Test Centers and Environmental Effects Research, 21 July 2015

Marine renewable energy test centers around the world have been successful in testing new technologies to ensure devices perform up to standards and are able to survive in the marine environment. Test centers have also provided researchers with the opportunity to begin observing how these technologies interact with the marine environment. Programs have been developed focusing on environmental monitoring technologies and methodologies, as well as interactions between technologies and specific marine animals. This webinar will discuss current environmental research efforts focused around marine renewable energy test centers and what is being planned for future test centers.
This webinar will be presented by:

• Dr. Jennifer Norris, Research Director at the European Marine Energy Centre; Environmental research at EMEC: the European experience
• Dr. Sarah Henkel; Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center; The development of PMEC and future environmental research campaigns
This webinar will last roughly one and a half hours with time for questions and answers.

Participant login information and instructions are available here:

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