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Energy Technology Perspectives 2014

Posted 2014-05-26 in News

A comprehensive, long-term analysis of trends in the energy sector recently released by the IEA.

Energy Technology Perspectives sits at the heart of the International Energy Agency's work on energy technology and policy. It offers a comprehensive, long-term analysis of trends in the energy sector - and of the technologies that are essential to achieving an affordable, secure and low-carbon system.

Starting from the premise that electricity will be an increasingly important vector in energy systems of the future, Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 (ETP 2014) takes a deep dive into actions needed to support deployment of sustainable options for generation, distribution and end-use consumption.

In addition to modelling the global outlook to 2050 under different scenarios, ETP 2014 incorporates the IEA's annual progress report - Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2014 - on global efforts to engineer a clean-energy transformation.

Customers who buy the book can also view and download the graphs and data that appear in Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 in usable spreadsheet formats.

IEA Implementing Agreement participants are entitled to a 30% discount on ETP 2014.

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2014 is free for download - an excerpt of the ETP 2014.

Contact the IEA bookshop ( for more information.

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