First OES Workshop on “Ocean Energy System towards Islandic Region”

The Workshop on “Ocean Energy System towards Islandic Region” will be held during March 8-9 in Singapore.

This workshop organised by the Energy Research Institute @ Nanyang Technological University (ERI@N) and the International Energy Agency – Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES) together with regional and international partners will look at the various topics related to ocean renewable energy adoption in islands and how ocean energy can be alternative energy source towards the islands’ sustainability. It will also look at the roles of different stakeholders in achieving such goal.

Prominent speakers on ocean renewables and experts on islandic conditions are invited todiscuss the following topics:
• Opportunities and challenges for ocean renewable energy as alternative source of energy in islandic conditions
• Addressing what has been achieved in the ocean renewable energy field, its development and technology that are applicable and beneficial to islandic conditions
• Discussing the barriers to adoption of ocean renewables in Southeast Asia especially in islands and remote, off-grid communities
• The contribution and/or challenges of each stakeholder (e.g. technology developer, academic institute, local technology adopter) in making use of ocean energy renewable as alternativesource of energy in islands and how can each stakeholder work together to address these challenges

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