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IEA-OES publishes new brochure

Posted 2023-05-16 in News

Brochure highlights progress in the Tidal Current Energy sector

70004-tidal-current-energy.pngThe Tidal Current Energy sector has been consistently delivering step changes in recent years, with developers focusing not only on building up experience with long-term operation and the execution of maintenance programs but also on the installation of new turbine designs, developing improved control systems, and optimizing fully integrated power train solutions. These innovations aim to reduce the cost of tidal energy technology, increase rated power, and enhance turbine performance.
Several projects under development are delivering local economic value for coastal communities. Developers are also delivering comprehensive environmental monitoring programmes and collaborating with several partners to address marine spatial planning issues for wide-scale uptake of tidal energy.
All these efforts are being supported by highly experienced partners who are dedicated to the delivery of tidal energy and committed to accelerating its future uptake with a meaningful impact. By working together, the sector is making progress towards the development of large-scale, commercially viable tidal energy projects with a continued path of cost reduction alongside enhanced reliability.

Download the brochure here.
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