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New Technical Report Release by IEA-OES

Posted 2024-04-24 in News

"Workshop on Tidal Current Extractable Energy: Modelling, Verification and Validation"

IEA-OES released a new technical report. Led by Dr. Narasimalu Srikanth of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and the Coordinator of the IEA-OES Task on Numerical Modelling of Tidal Energy, this report provides information on available modeling tools and techniques.

Key Highlights:49357-oes-technical-report.jpg
  • Diverse Ocean Modeling Strategies: The report showcases various global strategies used in tidal energy assessments, providing insights into the strengths and challenges of each.
  • Comparative Analysis: Focusing on two contrasting case studies – a temperate site and a tropical site – the report offers a detailed comparative analysis to refine tidal resource modeling.
  • Resource Tools: Introduction to key input databases and a comprehensive overview of both commercial and open-source ocean modeling tools.The primary aim is to enhance the accuracy and reliability of tidal energy assessments.
For industry professionals, policymakers, and researchers, this report is an invaluable resource for understanding the complexities and potential of tidal energy modeling.

Find the report here.
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