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New video release by IEA-OES

Posted 2024-06-19 in News

"Ocean Energy and Net Zero: An International Roadmap to Develop 300GW of Ocean Energy by 2050."

IEA-OES is excited to share a new video presenting the "Ocean Energy and Net Zero: An International Roadmap to Develop 300GW of Ocean Energy by 2050." This roadmap outlines the critical steps needed to harness the immense potential of wave and tidal stream energy, aiming to make a significant contribution to global Net Zero commitments.


The speed at which the global energy system will need to transform is unprecedented, a challenge exacerbated by the ever-diminishing time-scales under which this can be accomplished. There is now a growing understanding of the vital role that wave and tidal stream energy will play as one of the many renewable technologies that will comprise this new energy system. Despite the clear socio-economic benefits and Net Zero potential on offer, wave and tidal stream technologies face several challenges in reaching commercial deployment.

Join us in exploring the high-level analysis, key results, and policy recommendations in this IEA-OES Roadmap presenting a clear pathway by which these potential benefits can be realized. Harnessing the desire and momentum for a global Net Zero energy system and transforming it into proactive, visible, and coordinated policy support mechanisms is the first step on this journey. It is time for the leading nations in the ocean energy sector to ensure that innovation and collaboration place the sector at the heart of the global drive for Net Zero.

Watch the video here.
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