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OES 40th ExCo Meeting

Posted 2021-03-16 in News

Attended by 22 participants from 16 member countries and the European Commission

Among important decisions was the launch of a new Task on Alternative Markets. Following the release of the report Ocean Energy in Islands and Remote Locations last year, the ExCo will now initiate a new study on the energy requirements of the offshore aquaculture as a market for ocean energy. An international consortium formed by the U.S. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the Australian Blue Economy Collaborative Research Centre (BECRC) will collaborate with the other OES nations to assess the potential for ocean energy to power offshore aquaculture. Bringing together nations to collaborate on aquaculture and ocean energy co-location will allow for knowledge and findings to be readily shared and will increase coordination among nations and organizations researching offshore aquaculture and ocean energy.

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