Webinar Effects of Energy Removal on Physical Systems

Webinar #4 in Annex IV Environmental Webinar Series, Febuary 3, 2015


As energy is extracted from coastal or estuarine systems by wave or tidal energy converters, changes may occur to the physical oceanography, including alternations in water flow, sediment transport, and water quality, as well as decreases in the tidal currents and tidal elevation. These effects will not be measurable for pilot or small-scale marine energy installations. This webinar will feature three modeling approaches that examine potential changes to physical systems. As wave and tidal farms are installed at the commercial scale, measurements may be made to validate the models.


Anyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to recieve details about joining Annex IV webinars, send a blank email to join-tethys-webinars@lyris.pnnl.gov

Speaker Presentation Materials

  • Effects of Energy Removal on Tides (David Woolf, Heriot-Watt University)
  • Environmental Effects of Removing Tidal Energy from Estuaries (Zhaoqing Yang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Modeling Energy Removal by Wave Energy Extraction (Jesse Roberts, Sandia National Laboratory)


More information: http://mhk.pnl.gov/


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