Webinar on Environmental Research in the Bay of Fundy

A webinar was held October 27th highlighting the status of environmental research that supports the development of tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy, as part of a series of online webinars sponsored by Annex IV.

In advance of ICOE, four Bay of Fundy researchers shared their work and perspectives on developing tidal energy from the basin with the largest tidal range in the world.

The presenters were:
1. Graham Daborn, Acadia University – A Century of Tidal Power Investigations in the Bay of Fundy
2. Anna Redden, Acadia University – Environmental Monitoring at the FORCE test site
3. Richard Karsten, Acadia University – The Hydrodynamics of the Bay of Fundy
4. Greg Trowse, Fundy Tidal Inc. – Outer Bay of Fundy tidal energy development: Where the Leviathan’s live

You can listen to the webinar and view the presentations on our knowledge management system Tethys (Tethys.pnnl.gov) at:

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