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Webinar on Marine Spatial Planning and Ocean Energy Development

Posted 2019-09-23 in News

ETIP Ocean, in cooperation with OES-Environmental, will host a webinar at 16:00 CEST on 16 October 2019 on marine spatial planning opportunities and challenges in the ocean energy sector.

The ETIP Ocean 2 project is an EU – Horizon 2020 project which aims to ensure optimal use of existing resources for the Ocean Energy sector and streamline sectoral activities in order to support and accelerate European and global deployment of ocean energy, ensuring that the potential benefits for European industry and society are maximised. The identification of the key environmental research, policy and regulatory recommendations that require action at an EU and Member State level is part of ETIP Ocean 2 project to facilitate the roll out of the ocean energy sector. This analysis will deepen the understanding of marine environment effects and consenting challenges and clearly identify solutions.

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