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A Comparison of the Performance Response of a bottom-pivoted Wave-energy Device in regular and mixed-sea Conditions

Date: November 04, 2013 at 16:55 GMT

This paper aims to assess the ability of a submerged, vertical, bottom-pivoted cylinder to extract power while pitching in response to regular and irregular waves. Experiments were conducted in a two-dimensional wave flume set to intermediate water depth. It has been found that the applied damping as well as the wave frequency influences the efficiency of the wave energy converter. Capture widths reach values greater than one, which classifies the device as a point absorber. With differences in power output being negligibly small, the cylinder proves capable of absorbing reasonable amounts of energy from regular as well as irregular waves. It is likely to reach a competitive stage as experimental results present a commercially viable solution of harnessing power from ocean surface waves. 

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