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Non-optimal Tuning of Wave Energy Device Arrays

Date: November 04, 2013 at 17:04 GMT

We investigate here certain aspects of the hydrodynamic interactions between generic floating wave energy devices in the same vicinity. The results are derived using an exact efficient method, formulated under the assumptions of linear wave theory, which was first presented by the authors at the Seventh European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference [1]. Motion responses and wave power production from the array are calculated for several different configurations of up to five devices and interpreted in an intuitive manner. We also consider the effect of different methods of device tuning both on the individual converter and on the array as a whole. It was found that for some wave frequencies, the power take-off characteristics strongly influence the proportional gain in power production that the array causes in each device, whereas for others the output remains unchanged. Aplications for the resulting modification in power production are also discussed. 

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